About Homeopathy

In homeopathic treatment, persons are not divided into different parts like stomach, GI, Brain, but are considered as one unit involving a physical plane, mental-emotional plane and a generality aspect of that individual. The therapy is very individualistic and different individuals have different vibrations that individualize them a unit. Homeopathy identifies these individual vibrations and select a homeopathic remedy that vibrates with them the most.

Benefits of Homeopathy:

  • Non ToxicSafe
  • Not much known side effects
  • Individualized approach for treatment
  • Works well in acute and chronic conditions
  • Remedies are inexpensive
Questions & Answers

About Ashwini Janardhan

I grew up in a family taking homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy was introduced when my mother had a lumbar compression. She was unable to walk and had undergone several conventional treatments. With no relief, she was introduced to Homeopathy. This system miraculously cured her lumbar compression and put her back on her feet in few months.

Education & Experience


The homeopathic initial interview takes approximately around 2 hours. During this time the homeopath asks you questions about all areas of your life, signs and symptoms of your illness, your mental and emotional aspect as a person, past illnesses, and so on. They then individualize the homeopathic remedy needed, suggests the remedy and how to take them.

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